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At 53 I noticed my teeth and smile were deteriorating rapidly. Through recommendations and several hours searching the internet I came across the Cosmetic Dentists of Australia web site and learnt how this group of dentists have all been trained at one of Americas Premier Dental Training Institutes, the Las Vegas Institute of advanced dental studies. I chose one of these CDA dentists to give me a New Smile makeover, and since then I have never smiled with so much confidence. My new smile changed my life…. I did it….. Why don’t you.?.


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Welcome to {Area}  Dental

A caring dental team

Are you looking for dentistry in the {Area} area ?

{Area} dentists serves the {Area} area and continually strive to provide its patients with the highest standards of dental care.

We are a private dental surgery for adults and children providing the best quality treatment and service to provide our patients with exceptional value for money.

We offer our patients pain free dental treatment in a comfortable environment with professional advice and choice.

All of our staff work as a team to maintain our patients' oral health. At {Area} Dentists we understand how important it is that you feel relaxed and confident before you decide to go ahead with any treatment at our practice.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. We will listen to understand your concerns and we can show you photographs of patients who may have come to us with similar concerns.

If you are then happy to proceed we will then make an appointment for a detailed assessment and evaluation.

We will then present to you a series of treatment options. This will enable you to make an informed choice which treatment is most suitable for you and your long term dental health.

So if you would like us to help you then please either e-mail us at

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We have been looking after the dental health of patients, friends and family in the area for many years.

Whatever your dental requirements: From a check up to leading edge cosmetic dentistry our major focus is on providing you with Affordable Dental ExcellenceTM

Dentistry is an important decision and you need to feel confident in the person you choose to help you with your care.

Many people seek cosmetic dentistry because the smile they once had is now gone or they were never blessed with a great one in the first place. Unless the dentist you choose to take care of you can see the whole picture not only from the aesthetic standpoint but how you got there in the first place, your end result may not last as long or look as good as may have been possible.

Our dentists are passionate about caring for the people who choose to come to her for care and is able to provide a comprehensive overview of the possibilities. They will listen to what you want and present you with different options to accomplish that. Sometimes it’s a simple smile upgrade involving only a few teeth, something it’s a complete smile makeover and when necessary it may be total mouth rejuvenation.

Our Dentists have pursued extensive overseas training at LVI Global in the United States to bring the latest in aesthetic and functional dentistry to patients.

Beyond aesthetic dentistry, our passion is neuromuscular dentistry, which helps people who suffer from chronic headaches and neck pain and many other symptoms, which arise from an unbalanced bite. If where the teeth fit together is not a muscle comfortable, balanced position, considerable muscle pain and wear and tear of the teeth and jaw joints can result. It is important to have these issues addressed before they become even worse.

Today people want to not only look good but feel good and maybe once they feel good, they will want to look good! Aesthetic and neuromuscular dentistry work hand in hand to achieve the best possible outcome for you. We look forward to meeting you and helping you to look and feel the best you can be.

Australia’s LVI Cosmetic Dentists

The cosmetic dentists listed in Cosmetic Dentists of Australia are Australia’s premium Cosmetic and Neuromuscular practitioners being some of the most highly educated, knowledgeable and experienced dentists in the world.

There are few Australian dentists qualified in advanced Cosmetic and Neuromuscular dentistry from intensive hands on clinical training at the World’s leading dental Institute for Advanced Dental Studies based in the USA. LVI Global.

When seeking cosmetic dental work, selecting the right dentist is perhaps your most important decision

Cosmetic dentistry is not taught in dental school. While some dentists promote being a cosmetic dentist, dental procedures have the potential to change the structure and alignment of teeth and jaw which can cause problems now, or in the future.

The dentist you choose should be experienced in the principals of Neuromuscular dentistry. Today less than 1% of Australian dentists have received advanced post graduate courses such as those offered by The Institute.

{Area} Dentist
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The Dentists at {Area} Dentists are some of the most highly educated, knowledgeable and experienced dentists in the world.
Whether it’s a simple filling or leading edge cosmetic dental work, selecting the right dentist is perhaps your most important decision.
Dr  xxxxxx and Dr  xxxxxx are the Principal Dentists within our {Area}practice and are committed to helping you achieve and maintain excellent dental health.
Put a smile in your life!
Smile! You’re about to discover how you can have that perfect smile you’ve always dreamed of.
We know that you have a choice of dentists and we want you to feel confident that we are one of the best. That’s why we take the time to provide personalised dental care and treatment for each of our patients. Our patient is always our number one priority.
Your comfort is our first concern and our team of friendly dental professionals is specially trained in the latest techniques in virtually ‘pain-free’ care.

We are pleased to offer patients IV Sedation for all major surgical procedures and wisdom teeth extractions. - making your dental treatment virtually pain-free. IV (Intravenous) sedation, sometimes referred to as sleep dentistry, may be an appropriate alternative for patients who are nervous or apprehensive about their treatment.
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Feeling almost no pain at all, you will be relaxed and at ease throughout the procedure. Our comfortable and relaxed practice environment also helps to ease patient nerves and will make you feel right at home.

At {Area} Dentists we know that our patients want their experience to be convenient and efficient. They require a wide selection of dental services and knowledge about various aspects of dentistry from us.
Our {Area} practice will take care of all of your dental needs in just one place! We offer all forms of Restorative and Preventive Dental care.

Our special interests include: Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implants, Crown and Bridgework, Neuromuscular Dentistry, TMD and Sedation Dentistry.

At {Area} Dentists we continually strive to incorporate any new technology that provides a significant benefit to you, the patient. Ideally, this technology improves our efficiency so that the cost of the technology is covered by this increase in efficiency, not by an increase in fees.